Sikki Art January 26, 2015 10:28

Sikki grass crafts are various handicrafts made from a special kind of grass known as sikki found in Mithila Region. The art of making items from sikki grass is an ancient one in Mithila and wider regions of Bihar State.

Though Sikki craft is mainly used for making toys, dolls and boxes, here we are introducing a relatively new art form. These are similar to Madhubani paintings except for the fact that the entire artwork is made up of Sikki. Intricate patterns are crafted by sticking thin fibres of sikki onto a paper board. Wider patterns/shapes are carved from a paper made from Sikki itself. Entire process of sikki processing to paper work to art design is done by the sikki artisans themselves. End result is beautiful artwork depicting traditional symbols and elements as well as contemporary subjects. Do have a look at some of the images of the artifacts and work in progress below and finished artwork in our store.

Sikki Grass


Sikki Paper


Sikki Artwork in progress