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Introducing December 17, 2014 23:54

A very warm welcome to For generations, artwork in Madhubani and adjacent territories has enriched cultural lives of inhabitants. (Madhubani and Mithila are used interchangeably in the context of local art from the region). Over a long period, Madhubani art has grown organically. Symbols and elements in a Madhubani art relate to local flora and fauna (birds, fish, lotus etc), religion and mythology (Hindu Gods, mythological characters and events), and above all to important celebrations of life. Over time Madhubani art has become an essential part of life and society in Mithila region – whether it is marriage ceremony, various social events or simply decorating the house for special occasions (or otherwise), Madhubani paintings are everywhere.

While a lot of well-deserved recognition has come by way of Madhubani paintings for the great work done by many artists over generations, of equal note are the various other forms Madhubani art takes. From Mauni/Pauti (akin to jewellery box – made of hay), to gudiya (ragdolls) to Soop/Pathiya (Large plate/container made of bamboo) and many others.  This craftsmanship has been passed from generation to generation; every family has someone who learnt this from their mother or grandmother. With modern technologies, gadgets and changes in way of life, Madhubani artwork has been impacted like everything else. While practical usage of some of the handicraft has gone down, there is strong yearning among many to preserve this rich cultural heritage and accordingly it sees a strong revival today.

Above all Mithila art is a celebration of all the happy and joyous occasions of life. It is an appreciation of all that is simple and beautiful, all around us. is an endeavor towards promoting the spirit of celebration of the rich Mithila culture. We strive to promote the fine tradition of Mithila artisanship and provide a window to the rich Mithila art culture to a wider audience through the internet. Our motto is ‘A touch of Mithila – in every home’. As we take first steps in this humble effort we welcome your support and encouragement and thank you for your interest.